There were a number of people doing interviews all around the school today. Some of them were there yesterday, too, interviewing Dempsey, Ken and Stan. Today they interviewed Dean Heron and Although they weren’t totally clear on their intentions, I think that they may have been wanting to interview students, too. The camera crew that was from Victoria showed up at around 3 this afternoon; unfortunately, with the sunny weather outside, students were in scarce commodity.  And who can blame them?  Today was a very beautiful day after so much rain.   I stuck around, though, and I took some time to talk with Graham from Kermode Tourism and he took a video of me working on my second spoon.

Freda Diesing School

Freda Diesing School, sunset after a beautiful day

My first spoon is coming along quite well. I had to wrap it up and put it in the back of the studio, outside, because of the nature of alder wood. Alder tends to crack when it dries out unevenly, and so when one carves alder, they must be very sensitive to how long they work on it before letting it settle outside. Yesterday, I don’t think that anyone was 100% sure on whether my spoon would turn out; I thought that it looked pretty bleak myself. But after a few adjustments, the spoon is right on track and even received some compliments from some of the teachers.

Spoon, in progress, before


Spoon, in progress, after

After, but still in progress

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