Our Home And Native Land, 3x5 Foot Synth Fabric Flag
I am excited to be offering a 3×5 foot synthetic fabric flag. This flag is high quality and outdoor rated, though it goes well indoors, too. It is available here for purchase. If you are ordering multiple flags or would prefer to use an alternative to PayPal, please contact sales@nigelfoxartworks.com

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Time for an auction. This is a work that I did last year, titled “Still Alive”. This painting is about beauty in small places. The painting is acrylic and 23.5 x 22.5 inches on 1/2 inch wood panel.

Auction rules:

– Current bid: $250
– Upset bid: $220
– To participate, please comment on this post with a higher bid than the current bid.
– If you would rather stay anonymous, please DM me at mailinglist@nigelfoxartworks.com and I will update the current bid on your behalf.
– Bidding will close on Tuesday, 18 October 2022 at 9 PM PST
– Highest bid wins. I will contact winner after auction is closed.
– Taxes (12%) and shipping ($30 in Canada) extra.

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Gladiolus, sourced from plant that the kids planted last spring.

Click on photo to see more…

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As promised, another painting and it’s a landscape–or is it? Trees take the stage in the center of a show to the universe. A performance of trees! But the question still remains: if trees perform in the forest, does anyone see them?

More to come…

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As promised, another painting and another color experiment. These feel like an explosion of color and are completely bold, while following a geometric system of crystals, color compatibility and balance.

More to come…

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Here is the first painting I have posted for sale in years. I’ve been really inspired lately.

It’s a tessellation, using crystalline asymmetry.

This painting is for sale.

More to come…

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Our Home and Native Land 2nd Edition

Hey fans! I am pleased to announce that I will be having another draw for two of my “Our Home and Native Land” prints.

How to enter? Simply like: My Facebook page

How to enter again? Comment on this post

Want to enter yet a third time? Share this same post


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