Nigel Fox is a Canadian visual artist specializing in painting and drawing. Nigel paints mostly in landscapes, covering mainly the scenery in the Bulkley Valley area around Smithers, Houston and Topley. Nigel is currently taking First Nations Fine Art at Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art in Terrace in order to explore the characteristics of native art and culture within Canada. Nigel is descended from the Ojibwa nation in Northern Ontario.

Nigel lives with his wife Amy, in Prince George, BC.

Artist’s Statement

A time not so long ago, I wandered through life.  And, not unlike many others with talent, I was not really aware of the importance of my artistic gifts.  My pastors recognized my gifts and encouraged me to use my talents to their fullest.  I believe that God was, is and will be directing my career.  There’s never a dull moment with Jesus.  Stay tuned…

The design aspects of Northwest Coast Art fascinate me.  I like the swelling and shrinking formlines and the adherence to somewhat of an orthodoxy and how it allows room for creative freedom.  I suppose that it is very similar to Byzantine art or other traditional art forms from other cultures, in its use of modular forms and “standardized” colors.  It is a form that is so powerful to those who know its meaning and the best part is that it’s from the West Coast.

If you have any questions, please contact Nigel at nigel@nigelfoxartworks.com or phone 250-696-3627

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