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Merry Christmas everyone.  Thank you for making this such a good year.  I am looking forward to new art and adventure in the new year.

Here’s a thought to leave you with.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9:6


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Okay, here’s the deal. I am planning on giving away an impressionist painting to one of my facebook fans when my page reaches 200 likes.

Here’s how to enter: 1) like my page, 2) post on my wall that you want to be part of the contest.

My facebook page is here:

When the page reaches 200 likes, there will be a draw from among the people who entered.

The piece is called Red Sunset. Here are more details on this piece:

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Well, it has been a few weeks since I have posted and quite a few things have been going on. I have been volunteering at a kid’s bible camp just outside of Houston, BC. While there I rediscovered something that I didn’t even know I have been missing. It was a very rewarding experience working with these kids and the staff at Camp Mountainview. And not only did I get to stretch my wings as a stand-in camp councillor, I also had the opportunity to take in the beautiful nature in and around the camp.

"Water Lilies" is currently in exhibit at the Terrace Art Gallery

In addition to this, many of the councillors and staff took advantage of my offer to sketch their faces in exchange for “fanning” (ie liking) my facebook page.  They got a digital copy of their sketch in return for liking my page.  This was a good deal for me as “facebook ads” can cost upwards of $5 per fan. Here are some of the faces that I completed.

"Momma from CMV 2011"

This is my most recent “project.”  I am also in the process of painting a new design.  I should also remind all fans out there that I have recently released some really nice silkscreen prints. If you haven’t already, you should check out “Butterflies” under the prints tab at the top.  This is a really nice print, processed by accomplished screen printer, Andy MacDougall, and it is currently in 3 major galleries in Vancouver and Victoria.  See the last post for directions.


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Dogwood Flower Bowl

Dogwood Flower Bowl

Well, I am currently carving a cedar frog bowl for my solo exhibit coming up next month at the MNBC in Prince Rupert, BC–the town where I grew up.  My art school teachers told us that we would miss their direction when we are out of school and though I seem to be able to carve, there are still some details that I could use some help with.  The teachers at FDS provided much inspiration and cultivated an environment where innovation and tradition thrived alongside each other.  It was quite inspiring.

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People enjoying themselves at the first annual Terrace studio tour

Although many of you who are from out of town did not hear about this event in Terrace, there was an annual studio tour this weekend in Terrace. It couldn’t have been a better weekend, weather wise. Numerous people came out to where I was stationed with two other artists, near Usk. Usk is about 10 minutes outside of Terrace, so the people who came sure wanted to see us. There were treats, good conversation, refreshments, beautiful scenery and beautiful art. My only regret was that I didn’t get to see the other studio venues; Amy did, though, and she told me that she had a really great time.

Susann WilliamsonTodd Stephens

At the venue where I was stationed, there were two other artists: Todd Stephens and Susann Williamson. Todd is a Nisga’a artist who runs a studio in town, Wilp Simgan (House of Red Cedar), and Susann is an artist who makes stained glass in her studio, Mountainside Stained Glass.  Susann was an amazing hostess and a cook of heroic proportions.  I think that I will remember the ham sandwich that I had this afternoon for some time to come.  amy and I were very privileged to stay with her and her partner, Al.

We are looking forward to next year’s event.  Over all, it was a very successful weekend, we gave it our best, and then had a rest.

Nigel Fox, sleepyTodd Stephens, taking a nap

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Surface Tension Mask

This is my second mask. I completed it recently. It has a design on the face that represents the reflection of light on water when viewing it from below. I call this mask “Surface Tension”, which is a play on words because of the water and the ovoids. Ovoids are supposed to be drawn as if the lines in the ovoid are under tension–sort of how a stick looks when it bends–hence the play on words. Ovoids are also a basic form within northwest coast art, similar to how water is a basic factor for physical life.

I will be displaying this mask, along side other works, at the year end exhibit this weekend.

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Eagle/killerwhale paddle

My Paddle at the Studio, FDS 2011

I was talking with Marty at Community Futures today and we went over what I have for my business plan today. He had a number of pointers for how to market. Marty asked me in the middle of the review, “do you contact customers on a quarterly basis?” I said no. And he looked at me with a surprised look on his face, almost incredulous. He went on to tell me that past customers are the most important market to reach. He said that I should be sending out quarterly letters or fliers or some sort of token that I still exist and appreciate their business. And you know what? Marty was right.

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