Title: Salmon
Medium: Pigmented Ink on 150lb Paper
Size: 9″x12″
Price(CAD): $100.00
Taxes(CAD): $12.00
Shipping(CAD): $4.00
Total (CAD): $116.00
Note: This is my third print in a series based on the theme of respect. The salmon are each the same motif, same dimensions, different positions and colors. There is a delicate balance between the salmon and if anything is added or taken away, the design as a whole changes. This is true of salmon in nature; there is a balance, and a small offset to nature effects and potentially disrupts that balance and the salmon population. This is true of people, too: we are a lot more fragile than we would like to think.

This print is a limited edition of 28.


For more information on purchasing, please contact sales@nigelfoxartworks.com.


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