Our Home and Native Land

Our Home and Native Land

Title: Our Home and Native Land
Medium: T-shirt (red, gray)
V-Neck (women’s) or crew neck (men)
Fabric Ink (red,gray)
Size: Small/Medium/Large/XL/2XL different sizes available upon backordered request
Price(CAD): $25.00
Taxes(CAD): $3.00
Shipping(CAD): $10.00
Total (CAD): $38.00
Note: I think that this piece speaks for itself. Perhaps quite prophetically, the words of our national anthem confirm that Canada is native land. And yet it is home for so many others.

Let’s never forget our roots. Let’s never forget that people lived and live here. Projects such as the proposed northern gateway are the result of ignorance that comes from people who don’t think or care that people still live here. And they may just force their will upon us, in spite of our efforts to stop them–much like other people did before to the inhabitants of this land in the not too distant past. I hope that this pipeline never goes through.

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