Butterfly Silkscreen Print

At long last, the silkscreen butterfly prints are “off the press.”  These prints are based upon an original that sold within two days of completion in Febrauary.  I thought that I had a good thing at the time and a teacher recommended that I make prints out of these.  That was about six months ago now and the prints will soon be ready to sell.  If you are not familiar with the process, silkscreen printing is a method of printing where each separate color is placed individually onto each print, for all the prints in the edition.  And unlike giclee (computer) prints, the end result looks very much like an original and the quality is quite evident.  I had a printer out of Comox complete my prints.  Andy MacDougall has done prints for artists such as Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Davidson, too, I believe, and has been in the business for decades.

The story behind this particular print is as follows:

“Years ago, I was told by some friends that in Tsimshian culture, the butterfly crest has a special meaning and is usually reserved for those who are not Tsimshian by blood—outsiders. The interlocking nature of the butterfly motifs on this painting suggests teamwork and co-operation—each one respecting each other’s borders and not going outside or falling short of their appointment. The repeating geometry within the design also suggests that it can be extended infinitely. Thus, it is universal that for harmony to be maintained between differing peoples, respect is mandatory.”

Please contact me at nigel@nigelfoxartworks.com to place an order.

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