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Harold Demetzer came all the way from Thunder Bay to speak to the class today. Harold, described as a friend, collector and adviser to native art and culture, came to speak to the class for the duration of the week on a variety of subjects.

Today’s subject was a bit of an informal timeline on the history of some of the nations of the northwest coast. Although he didn’t have too much time to go into detail about the various things that have happened in the north west coast, he went through a personal history on what he knew about the first nations on the coast.  He lived here for 25 years before moving to Ontario.

Tomorrow he is going to be discussing art galleries and business.

Harold is an amazing public speaker, with an uncanny knack of exuding integrity in what he discusses.  After one day of listening to Harold, I feel like I have a whole new perspective on what is happening on the west coast among first nations.

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