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My eagle/killer whale paddle is almost finished. I have a few more coats of red to go. The photo of where I am at with it is below. This paddle has been quite the project. I have received quite a few complements on it, and it is the best paddle I have ever done.

Eagle/killer whale paddleEagle/killer whale paddleEagle/killer whale paddleEagle/killer whale paddle

It was good to see Dean in class again today.  Dean is working on a series of carvings and a box right now.

Dean Heron and Kelly Robertson

Kelly Robertson and Dean Heron

Other than that, we went to the Terrace Art Gallery today and talked with the curator, who turned out to be quite the flamboyant fellow. I included a blurry photo of him below, adjusting his welsh dragon shadow theater-prop–and though you can’t see it, just imagine it :)…

Terrace Art Gallery Curator

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