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I had a couple practice presentations at community futures this morning for the Best of the BEST competition in Vancouver this weekend. I will be going down to Vancouver for this competition. It should be a good time. I was critiqued by an audience of two people at Community Futures today, but I have to say that it was actually harder doing the presentation for my wife last night. She is a way harder critic.

Raven on a tree on the NWCC campus, Terrace     Raven on a tree on the NWCC campus, Terrace

Raven on a tree on the NWCC campus, Terrace Raven on a tree on the NWCC campus, Terrace

I caught the tail end of Harold Demetzer’s speech today and he was talking about galleries. Harold said that even the most prestigious artists use galleries. He described the variety of galleries that are in Vancouver and he made it clear as to what ones were more presentation oriented and what ones were more production oriented. I definitely want to go with a presentation oriented gallery if I have the choice. Stan Bevan told us that we need to make our own decisions as to who we feel comfortable doing business with.

In the afternoon, we resumed our projects. I am working on two bowls right now and I am almost finished my spoon.

Evan Aster and another afternoon carving

Evan Aster and another afternoon carving

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Eagle/killerwhale paddle

My Paddle at the Studio, FDS 2011

I was talking with Marty at Community Futures today and we went over what I have for my business plan today. He had a number of pointers for how to market. Marty asked me in the middle of the review, “do you contact customers on a quarterly basis?” I said no. And he looked at me with a surprised look on his face, almost incredulous. He went on to tell me that past customers are the most important market to reach. He said that I should be sending out quarterly letters or fliers or some sort of token that I still exist and appreciate their business. And you know what? Marty was right.

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