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View of my home page about a week ago

View of my home page about a week ago

Well, it has been over a week since my site was overtaken by Tunisian revolutionaries and though this is an art-based blog, I feel the need to talk about this a bit.  For those of who who did not bear witness to this, it is not a joke, my site was changed over a week ago.  The screen shot above was what it looked like.  The attack was not personal and appears to have been done with the help of a script.  As a bit of background, Tunisia is where much of the anti-government movement within Libya is based and is also where Egyptian refugees are headed in the wake of the chaos in Egypt.  Canada announced today that it will be sending a military presence in to help find Canadians who may still be in Libya.

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Anyways, I was a little over a week behind on my security updates and after blocking the network traffic from the attacker and doing a complete overhaul of my blogging software, everything seems to be back to normal, except that some of my photos are not restored yet.  I am working on this.


Best of the BEST Entrepreneur Workshop, Night before presentation

Best of the BEST Entrepreneur Workshop, Night before presentations

The Best of the BEST competition for entrepreneurs, down in Vancouver last weekend, was good.  I didn’t win anything, but I did meet with some people, including someone who’s mother was born in the same reserve that my dad’s mother was born in, Sagamok, Ont.  That was the highlight for me.  He says that he keeps in touch with the elders in Sagamok and that he is willing to introduce me to them.  He said not to be disappointed when they don’t reply to my calls or emails, because “that’s just how they are.”

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