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The art exhibit opening at the Terrace Art Gallery was a huge success. We had what appeared to be about 200 people show up for the opening, with people from as far away as Hazelton showing up to meet the artists. I met people that I haven’t seen in years there, including a friend that I knew since I was ten years old that I haven’t seen in years and a lady whose portrait I drew in Gitsegeukla at a church meeting in 2007. I think that tonight has been a fulfillment of my best expectations, with an offer coming in to connect me up with a print maker in Victoria. Making reproductions is a key part of my business plan that I handed in on the aboriginal BEST entrepreneurship deadline today. It has been a very busy week that all came to a head this evening. My wife and I are going to watch a movie and go to bed. Stay tuned for more on the exhibit opening in a couple of days.

Opening Night at the Terrace Art Gallery, Feb 2011

Opening Night at the Terrace Art Gallery, Feb 2011

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There was a presentation this morning by Graham at Kermode Tourism in Terrace, BC.  He showed us all about the various services that his outfit provides such as marketing assistance and the visitor information centre.

Graham, Kermode Tourism

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Geo Mckay, a carver from Terrace, BC, came in and did a presentation for the entrepreneur’s workshop today.  Geo is part owner of the House of Carvers in Terrace.  Geo has been carving for 45 years.  Geo has a manner about him that is very straight forward.  We learned a lot about the business of carving, from marketing to business relationships to payment options.

Geo McKay

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