Rangi Kipa

Rangi Kipa, Maori Artist

Rangi Kipa, a leading Maori artist from New Zealand, came to the class today in order to introduce himself and meet the students. This is part of what has become somewhat of a “teacher’s exchange”. Dempsey Bob and two Freda Diesing graduates went to New Zealand in October in order to learn more about the Maori culture and its carvers first hand. They met with Rangi while they were down there. While Rangi is here, he will be doing a bone carving workshop for Freda Diesing students; former FDS students are also welcome to attend tomorrow (bring your own bone to carve).

Naomi Yamamoto, BC's Minister of Advanced Education

Naomi Yamamoto, BC's Minister of Advanced Education

While Rangi was meeting with the students today, we had a surprise visit from BC’s minister of advanced education, Naomi Yamamoto. Naomi seemed quite interested in what we are doing at the school, learning about the various facets of the school. I got to talk with her and even show her a cedar mask that I am carving. She seemed very interested to know about how and why we dry the wood while we are carving it.

On a similar note, I was a bit surprised to hear that Rangi has a degree in social anthropology and a masters degree as well. I am finding that a lot of the more academic art schools encourage written and spoken communication. I think that this is because words are important, especially in the context of art. Words often provide a context for a piece of art, sort of like the light in a room, and that is part of the reason why I have learned to love to write.

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